Building your dream project, should feel like play.

Just like a game that fully consumes you, you loose track of time when you play and all you care about is to getting to the next level.

We want to re-create the same feeling where passionate builders can use a gamified system to build their dream project with other similar people.

We are starting from a simple leaderboard and a community with a goal to bring the best out of each other through constructive feedback and public accountability.

As part of the leaderboard, you have to submit a weekly update here. These updates will help you keep track of your progress over time and encourage you to share the update publicly.

A snapshot of the update for week # 33 is given below:


A quick description of companies that are actively building using the leaderboard is given below:


The goal is to build the operating system that enables startups to go from 0 to 1. If you’re interested in joining the leaderboard, please reach out at [email protected]